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Charles Peattie & Russell Taylor

Charles Peattie was born in 1958 and studied painting at St Martin's School of Art. During the early eighties he worked as a portrait painter, freelance cartoonist and designer of greetings cards. He also produced (with Mark Warren) the legendary 'Dick' cartoon in Melody Maker.

Charles is a recovering workaholic who is currently developing various projects for TV and Tapisodes for the iPhone. He has four children and lives in London.

Russell Taylor was born in 1960. He read Russian and Philosophy at Oxford University and, after failing to be recruited by the counter-intelligence services of either Cold War power, drifted into journalism. He met Charles at a Christmas party in 1986. Charles had a commission for a strip for the financial pages of the incipient London Daily News. The result was Alex.

Russell's first published work was a satirical book on Russia USSR From An Original Idea by Karl Marx (co-written with Marc Polonsky and recently reissued on Faber Finds). He also wrote The Looniness of the Long Distance Runner about his midlife-crisis-inspired attempt to run the New York Marathon. Having realised a couple of decades ago that he is too old to be a pop star he now writes film and tv music ( with his collaborator Steve Cooke. To date their films (largely miserable and depressing documentaries) have won seven Emmys and seven BAFTAs.

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Charles and Russell were awarded MBEs in 2002.

The rise of Alex The London Daily News folded after only five months but Alex was popular enough to be headhunted to another new newspaper, The Independent, in September 1987. In January 1992 he treacherously defected to The Daily Telegraph where he has appeared ever since. Alex can also be read in newspapers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany and various other countries.

Celeb Charles, Russell and Mark Warren also created the 'Celeb' cartoon in Private Eye about wrinkly rock star Gary Bloke, though these days Russell is involved only in an occasional capacity.

If you want to know more you should look at our entry on Wikipedia. Whoever wrote that knows far more about the cartoon than we, its authors, do..

You can watch us talking about the credit crisis on BBC news, which was the BBC website's most viewed business story on October 6th 2008, the day that global stock indices lost 6% of their value. How reassuringly British, that at a time of market meltdown the thing that desperate investors most wanted to look at was a couple of scruffy cartoonists making silly jokes about the whole thing BBC business news.

Or you can listen to us being interviewed by Phill Jupitus on Radio Four

And here's us talking about Alex cashing in on the credit crunch from the Telegraph.

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